Your meetings and conferences in good hands

The moderation of a meeting or a conference can be key to the success of an event. Because it is the moderator’s job to direct, lead and accompany the plenary and its participants. Depending on the situation and process of the meeting, conference, or panel discussion, the moderator can intervene to motivate or to arbitrate, which requires sensitivity to a particular mood and an appropriate reaction.

Ümit bei der Moderation

Thanks to the moderation of many national and international conferences with up to 500 participants, I am experienced in the diverse field of moderation. This way I am able to determine the focus of your conference together with you beforehand, and then through a suitable moderation influence the atmosphere of the event and the overall mood of the participants. Because to me, moderation is entertainment, motivation and inspiration. Through an intensive thematic induction, as a moderator I am able to look at the big picture and speak the participants' language. This leaves space for spontaneity and a close, professional contact to all parties involved.

Your advantages:

  • Professional, individual moderation
  • Leading and guiding of the participants
  • Extensive national and international moderation experience
  • Safe handling and short-term reacting to all kinds of situations
  • Professional familiarization with the respective topic
  • Moderation in German and English

Konuray Moderation

  • Moderation of your meetings, conferences or panel discussions
  • Conflict moderation