Ümit Konuray

My Development

  • Graduate in Business Management with psychology, human resources and marketing in Cologne Studies of „Business in China“ in Qingdao, China

Ümit Konuray

  • Several years of education to become a trainer
  • Further education in intercultural trainings and systemic coaching
  • Further education in rhetoric, moderation, communication and NLP
  • Board member of an international NGO (non-governmental-organisation)
  • Educating trainers in an international NGO
  • Several years of experience in the department of „Personnel Development“ in a multinational pharmaceutical company
  • Worked in the field of “Women Empowerment” and “Rural Development” in India

You can count on me:


Besides living my dream – being a trainer and coach – I spend my time like this:

I love to watch (international) movies
I play football for a very adorable club in Cologne
I like to travel a lot, which gives me the chance to visit friends around the world