As a coach I do one thing before anything else:
I listen

A high-quality coach is characterized by active listening rather than speaking. Because the success of a good business coaching is ultimately based not just on advices or tips, but on self-awareness. Coaching does not equal consulting, but rather a process of recognition – recognition of options, possibilities and potentials. Those who have discovered these aspects for themselves through an intensive coaching, have found new tools and means at hand to better act and make decisions in a professional as well as private context.

Because I have a great interest in people, I am initially extremely curious as a coach and put the focus on my partner. That is how I am able to ask the right questions and make comments in decisive moments. This interaction will in the end lead to change. It also brings about a fresh view on things, new self-motivation, a way to utilize resources optimally, and it casts a new light on attitudes and principles and makes the supposedly negative useful. Many coachees state that this kind of cooperation requires a lot of will power and courage at first but always pays off in the end. I look forward to coaching and supporting you for your individual development.


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